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Reliable, Trustworthy and Prompt Service at an Affordable Price

Maffra Gardening Services values its relationship with its customers and believes communication is key in providing exceptional service by taking the stress out of the tedious lawn mowing and gardening tasks that are done professionally.

The lawn is the heart of your garden. Whether you require a weekly mow, re-vitalising or a new turf install, our qualified professionals will be there for your lawn.

No matter which services you need, Maffra Gardening Services can provide the exact amount of knowledge and experience to make your home look its best. Unfortunately, a beautiful landscape won’t stay that way without regular maintenance. Maffra Gardening Services can create, install, and maintain your landscape so it looks its best in every season. Whether you need year-round maintenance, a refresher or a complete new plan for your landscape, Maffra Gardening Services is here to help.

Lawn mowing (mulch or catcher)
Garden maintenance
Tree pruning
Rubbish removal

We can carry out all types of treework, small, domestic and large.
We have two fully qualified tree surgeons.
We own our own access platform with all relevant certification.
We can grind out any size stumps, also access to any size gardens with our
varied sized grinders.

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