The Web Design Process

Step 1    Planning your site
Decide on a name for your site, the pages you want, the Footer and Sidebar* content, links to Social Media, embedding YouTube videos, links to other sites, a Google location map, photo gallery, contact form, event calendar, etc.
*Sidebar is optional

Step 2    Consultation
Contact Maffra Web Design to organise a consultation.

Step 3     Prepare and set out your content
First of all create a separate folder for each page of your website.
Next, create a separate Microsoft Word document with your content for each web page and place it into the corresponding folder. Place your images for each page inside the corresponding folder as well. 

Almost every website uses images to support written text. Ideally, a picture should add value through information or feeling. High quality, visually appealing graphics can make a huge difference in how effective your site is.

Step 4    Quote provided
Once I have received all of the content I will provide you with a quote.

Step 5    Building your website
This is where I use the information you have provided to create an attractive and functional website.

Step 6    Going live
Once completed I will activate your website so it becomes visible on the World Wide Web. You will have 30 days of free maintenance to make any minor changes.

Ongoing support, updates and maintenance will be available to keep your site up to date.

Click here to download a detailed planning guide.