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Aflas Oring Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
2-151 EP70 75.87X2.62 EP70 EPDM Metric Oring Seal 31411705 Oil Seals 0.472 Inch / 11.989 Millimeter
N12-66 N 12X20X8 NBR U-Cup Oil Seals 0.149 S02250 -
2-223 E70 PEROXIDE CURED 40.87X3.53 EP70 PROX EPDM Metric Oring Seal Oil Seals 0.276 Inch / 7 Millimeter 1.85 Inch / 47 Millimeter
DHS80-E9625 W 80X90X6/8 AU Polyurethane Wiper Seal 31411705 Oil Seals 0.375 Inch / 9.525 Millimeter
POLYURETHANE METAL WIPER W 36X45X7/10 AU Polyurethane Wiper Seal 31411705 Oil Seals 0.315 Inch / 8 Millimeter
GP7503900-C380 G 390X385X24.5 C380 Phenolic Guide Band Guide Rings Steel Straight lip Metal case CRSA1
CR12735 S 32X48X8 CRW1 Shaft Seals Seal 31411705 Oil Seals 0.472 Inch / 12 Millimeter
UHP200-E9625 STYLE N 200X180X12.5 AU Polyurethane U-Cup Seal 31411705 Oil Seals 0.394 Inch / 10 Millimeter
BASL OIL SEAL S 27X45X9 BASL Shaft Seals Seal 31411705 Oil Seals 0.472 Inch / 12 Millimeter
S 12X25X7 TCV FKM S 12X25X7 TCV FKM Shaft Seals Seal 31411705 Oil Seals 0.313 Inch / 7.95 Millimeter
QHLP 40-50 AGU01 W 40X50X7/9 NBR Wiper Seal 31411705 Oil Seals 0.25 Inch / 6.35 Millimeter
S 50X85X8 TC S 50X85X8 TC Shaft Seals Seal 31411705 Oil Seals 0.75 Inch / 19.05 Millimeter

Aflas Oring : A Complete Guide to Buying

What seals the top of a cylinder?

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  • 4、Description: Cylinder seal; limestone or calcite; illustrates myth of Etana, a shepherd and ... Condition: Good / fair; slightly chipped at the top.
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How do you fix hydraulic ram?

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How do you measure a hydraulic seal on a cylinder?

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What are hydraulic seals used for?

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Where is the seal kit on a hydraulic cylinder?

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What is a seal kit for?

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How do I choose a hydraulic seal?

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How do you measure a hydraulic ram seal?

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